Benefits of Youth Sports

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• Builds character and self esteem- Children who participate in youth sports develop lifelong skills. Such as teamwork, leadership, and responsibility. It enables them to participate in social interaction, giving them a positive environment to exert their energy and an outlet to express themselves. Which plays a huge role in self development, increasing the child’s value and view of one’s self.

• Teaches Perseverance – Athletes are often placed in adverse situations on the field, both on game day and practices. These high-pressure moments are used as a tool to teach children to persevere through those challenging situations. Learning to adapt quickly and to take each moment in stride. Developing coping skills and critical thinking can be applied later in life when they are met with larger challenges.

• Develop teamwork skills – Teamwork is an important skill that you use for years to come. Youth sports provide children important lessons in team dynamics. Everyone must work together to achieve their goals, and sports allow children to sort through each others strengths and weaknesses to decide what strategy will allow them to achieve their common goal.

• Teaches discipline – Playing sports require athletes to be disciplined physically, mentally, and tactically. In order to be successful in sports you must have self-restraint, and behave in a controlled and precise manner. Learning to adhere to rules. Good discipline translates into life situations, and will help aid them to set and achieve future goals.

And long term involvement – Physical Education and sports builds healthy habits that encourage lifelong participation in physical activities. It provides a forum for young people to learn to deal with competition, develop skills, and build on their social development, both personally, and within their community.

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