New CYFA feedback section

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CYFA is excited to announce that we have launched our feedback page. In it, everyone is welcomed to send feedback about our academy. We love to hear from everyone whether it is good or bad (but we love the good!).

We will take the negative feedback and seek ways to improve what we do. We will take the good feedback and sometimes publish it for the community to see.

With our new website and about to start our first programs, we would love to hear from the you. Tell us what you think!

Here are some examples of what we would love to get feedback on:

  • Love our website or perhaps there is something you would like to see here that we are missing?
  • Your experience with our coaches
  • Programs that you are interested in
  • Feedback about the venues and fields we use
  • Any thoughts on our academy and it’s staff

Check out the feedback / testimonials page.


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