Soccer for life.

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Players from 3 to 7 years old.

(by Mauricio Flores)


Important information for parents with young soccer kids, this article will give you a wider idea about choosing the right soccer program for your child. 

Here are two common, yet different approaches to soccer for children – there is no right or wrong. Either approach could end in a healthy, happy and successful sport live for players.

The first approach is the most common across Canada, including Guelph city soccer, most known as House League. This programs are operated by Volunteers generally with no coaching experience and/or no certifications. The methodology behind this is to follow Ontario soccer guidelines, which are shared to the club, and then delivered by volunteers. Some organized clubs give volunteer coaches website links of drills to perform on the field.

There is not a progressive plan or clear instructions what the players and parents should be doing except for keeping them safe and having fun, every participant plays the same time and for a good number of parents this is good enough. This has been the introductory level for most of the players in soccer Canadian history.


The second approach, used in soccer countries like Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Netherlands or England, is directed by experienced and certified coaches. This allows a clear understanding between players, coaches, and parents as to what the participants must be doing at all times, in and out of the field. Ongoing feedback it’s a must!

Positive motivation and reinforcement is the base to keep players engaged with appropriate challenges at this age, there is a clear path of what would be next for players.

Development and success will come at different times on each individual, some players at a younger ages would be ready to compete in a league or take part of a more structured sessions and/or programs, others need more reinforcement and confidence before moving forward to higher stressing situations.  Ages and gender could be combined, depending of the children engagement and skill level, and is highly recommended for players to perform where they can succeed but yet to get challenged, and ultimately where they find it difficult, but also in a learning environment where it pushes their true potential. 

Mexico Vs Canada
FIFA women world cup U17.
Mexico Vs Canada FIFA World Cup 2018.

Following this approach players have participated in FIFA World Cup,  others have enrolled in professional teams, or have being offered scholarships at Universities.  Players and families deserve advice from experienced coaches concerning the future growth of each player.



Often parents ask me for advise and  I always give the same answer.

” Find a good coach for your child. “


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