...Mauricio has a rare gift. He is equally skilled as an instructor and mentor for players and coaches of all ages. He has an incredible way of teaching children through his unique coaching style...

Mauricio has volunteered his own time to develop and run the kids Ability soccer program here in Guelph. This program served children with multiple disabilities. His personal ability to connect and communicate with these children was remarkable and motivated them so greatly that towards the end of the program that they were able to participate and play the game. One of the nicest moments was to watch some of those children move into regular recreational programming.

As a mentor to our senior players and our coaches, Mauricio served with equal skill and ability. He developed a number of Guelph Soccer’s players, and actively mentored our coaches throughout the years. Despite Mauricio’s long list of professional credentials, he has always sought to improve and expand his soccer knowledge of grassroots methods, and has been open to the many different styles and approaches of teaching.

~ Dave Tack
Past Chair Guelph Soccer

“The academy is amazing and i am thrilled that i did discovered it because is very professional, the coaching is incredible and it's a nice atmosphere. 

 The coaches are very approachable, they are always available for you, good communication with players making sure they understand what they suppose to be doing and also making sure they are listening, there is a good structure, i like it that there is the commitment there, they expect the kids to be on time, it's a serious business this academy and i appreciate and respect that. 

I like how Benjamin and the other players are being taught and being encouraged to be better, it's a serious academy they are learning  a lot of skills, there is this disciplinary part of it as well so is not just the kids just coming and just playing for fun there is that fun element absolutely, but there is also where the kids learn they need to respect the coaches and respect this new skills and i think that is very good,  that really help my son Benjamin, he wants to go every night, he practices 3 nights a week  and he is eager to come every single night and he is happy when he leaves."

~ Dawn Hannaberg
Mother of Benjamin 9 year old

“Mauricio is a great coach with tremendous technical knowledge and ability. Hi is a great communicator and also creates a friendly community atmosphere. Highly recommended."

~ John Alac
Father of Mattias 11 year old

“CYFA is an amazing program!!! Jaxon has been with them for over a year now and just loves the game.  Can't wait to watch the  U8-U9 boys this summer after all the hard training this winter.

~ Nina Vanderzweep
Mother of Jaxson 9 year old

“We love CYFA! Our kids love Mauricio's enthusiasm for the game, it's contagious. He has so much to offer, experience, skill and he knows how to keep the kids engaged. Thanks to Sheena for asking us to come out and try it.

~ Tara Maksym
Mother of Roca 4 year old

“ CYFA was absolutely fantastic for our daughter, who was 6 at the time of playing. Coach Mauricio is absolutely the BEST there is. He is so patient with the kids, but really focuses on teaching them technique and skill. If you have a child interested in soccer, CYFA is absolutely where you should be! We relocated to Alberta, otherwise we would still be involved with CYFA!

~ Shellie Wilson
Mother of Alexis 7 year old

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